December 19th, 2006

Tree Me

Doctor, fix my faaaace!

So... I don't remember fillings being quite this much of an experience the last time. Granted, that was ten years ago. *is still bitter about needing these first ones in permanent teeth*

At the moment, though, I'm wondering how long I'm going to feel like a stroke victim. I kid you not - I'm numb from the cheekbones down. This is what I get for deciding to tough it out and do both sides at the same time, I guess, but jeez... They ought to make a quick reverse for the novocaine family. I miss my lower lip. (No. Literally. I just tried to drink hot chocolate - because of course I didn't do breakfast - and the only thing keeping my dog from laughing is anatomy.)

Well, off to work to make funny faces at the animals. (Which is different from other days in no way other than the level of voluntary control I have over said faces.) On the up side, I doubt they'll make me answer phones for a while. *g*