June 2nd, 2006

Tree Me

Wow. I kind of adore you guys.

Just wanted to say thank you to whatever kind souls happen to be behind some recent awards nominations. I feel a little like death warmed over, and these have made my week.

First up are the Stargate Awards. I knew ahead of time about one nomination - and though I won't blow the nominator's cover, thank you again - but three? Holy cow. Linguistics, The Ratio of Burning, and Apitherapy are all up for awards. While the category selection process has had me scratching my head in pleased puzzlement - is Apitherapy a tag or missing scene, by the site's definitions? should Ratio be angst or drama? - I couldn't be happier.

Next comes the Lawrence Awards, which I somehow completely missed the boat on up until now. I blame graduation insanity. I spotted a link and followed it over to see if my favorites had been listed yet, and was stunned to find a couple of my own on the books. Somatic is up for Best Overall and Best Sam, and Fidelity is in the running for Best Episode-Based. I'm still blinking dazedly.

Given the competition, I'm not in the least expecting to lead in any of these categories. I'm just rather thrilled that whoever you mysterious people are, you've thought enough of my stories to put them in such company. It's been just over a year since I started out on this fandom adventure, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'd forgotten how much I loved to write, and worse I'd forgotten how much I missed writing for its own sake. Everyone who comments, betas, and leads by example has my undying gratitude. I'm still learning the how and the what and the when, but thank you all for reminding me that the effort is worth it.