May 8th, 2006

Tree Me

Fic Post: Reception, SGA

This is for the Atlantis Back to Basics Challenge.

Okay, so, explanation time. See, I started on my challenge response, and had all these wonderful ideas, and then they spawned more ideas, and before I knew it there was a stream full of leaping salmonfics in my head. Of course, this happened when I had the least time ever to devote to writing, and at some point it became apparent I could not do that story justice in time.

Thus, I hereby present my own placeholder fic. The real, serious, I-mean-it-now response (which, incidentally, is actually what was requested, complete with bugs) may not be along until next week, but in the meantime, please accept my apologies and this crumb. It’s… almost what you asked for. Really.

Recipient: piplover
Title: Reception
Author: stillane
Rating: PG
Category: slash of the McKay/Sheppard variety
Spoilers: through The Long Goodbye
Summary: The truth may be closer than he thinks.

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