May 5th, 2006

Tree Me

Ding dong, etc.

That garbled, high sound is just me realizing that the human body is not meant to ack and squee at the same time.

The Teeth are toast. I haven't actually slept or eaten in the last... well, it's been a while, so my joy is coming off more Eeyore-ish than I intend, but under the exhaustion is a happy glow.

More later on the insanity that preceded the hand off - including my advisor walking in to find me in the lab this morning, which precipitated this exchange:

"Tell me you didn't sleep here."

"Okay. I didn't sleep."

*sigh and headshake* "How did I know that was coming?"

- but for now... I intend to go make myself smell like mint and then bask in bedding until the weekly Numb3rs session calls. I reserve the right to pass out cold on M.'s floor, however.

Oh, and because I'm still reeling: My boys.