May 1st, 2006

Tree Me


Ahem. So. Here's the thing.

I signed up for the Back to Basics SGA challenge a little bit ago, knowing full well that it would come due on the 8th of May. This was, however, back when the thesis was supposed to be out of the way by April 28. There ought to have been gobs of free time in which to work. Now, with the due date of The Monster that Ate My Soul pushed to this Friday, things are a little more wonky.

Insert plea here.

I think I'll be okay on the writing, given that I actually have a plot outline for this one and know where it's going, and some bits that really only need to be connected. The beta side of things, though, is where it gets tricky. Would any of you kind souls be willing to step into the breech and do a speed read, given that the timing here is going to be very... tight. Chances are good that I won't have a draft done until Sunday night, and with it due on Monday... I'm going to be wretched and hold off as long as possible on the posting (does very, very early on Tuesday still count as Monday?), but I'm rather nervous about posting anything with serious story structure unbetad. Particularly since this is intended for someone.

So, anyone? *looks pathetic*