April 19th, 2006

Tree Me


Just a quick update on the current state of me, should anyone be curious.

The Wonder Machine has arrived, and yes, Biff the Laptop is well and truly dead. It's going to take another couple thousand years and an angel with superhero aspirations to bring him back. The good news is, the newbie is performing well thus far, and I'm thinking of calling him Joshua. No, I'm not all that original.

The rest of my world is pretty much consumed with The Teeth. Nine days until the written form is due. Eek.

On the plus side, in two weeks, there will only be a pair of finals and a paper between me and freedom (otherwise known as unemployment). *g* Also, as of tonight, there is now DSL access in the ancestral home, wonder of wonders, so I shouldn't disappear from the online zone post-graduation. Plus, today was the last of the dissection labs, so no more smelling like preservatives for a while. Yay! Even if I did entirely fail to remember today's quiz until I showed up to find the usual last-minute hallway cram session. Gotta love my friends, who took one look at my stunned face and knew just how screwed I was, and then proceded to sooth me anyway. Thanks, guys.

Someday, I will be a real girl again. In the meantime...

Wish me luck, and see you all when the dust settles.