April 12th, 2006

Tree Me

Not exactly breathing.


I went with the MacBook (which I keep wanting to type as 'McBook').

I have just made the single most expensive purchase of my life - not including the education which will consign me to 'ancestor who bankrupted the family line' status for my descendants. This equates to approximately five of the paychecks which I do not yet have, seeing as I am still job hunting. This means that I am currently staring at my screen with wide, slightly stunned eyes and wondering what the hell I have just done.

In my defense, it is very pretty.


Thank you all for your tech advice and happy thoughts. It seemed like a good plan, since I'll need something capable of graphic work for the thesis and the paper which might result, and these seem to possess growth potential. Plus, they are said to fly like the wind.

Still. Ouch.