April 10th, 2006

Tree Me

Got a tech question...

Hi all. Yes, it's another one of those posts. No, it's not nearly as high drama.

My question is this:

Biff the Laptop has been experiencing some fairly dramatic technical difficulties. I'm carting him off to the wizards on Wednesday, but I have the horrible fear they are going to inform me that he has gone the way of the dodo. Should that be the case, I'm wondering what you informed types would recommend in the way of Biff the Sequel.

The issues in question:

I'm broke. I do, however, have some theoretical graduation funds to put towards the newbie. I need something reliable and fairly tough, preferably something that can handle the sort of data processing that your average fangirl is prone to do, and something that will hang in there through the next stint of higher education. The Powerbooks are attempting to seduce me with their wily ways, but I've been a Windows girl for many years now. Will any of my accoutrements (DVD burner, external harddive, etc.) work with an Apple? Is it worth relearning all the basics? Is the 12-inch too small, and would the 15-inch refurbish be trustworthy? If the techs tell me Biff the First can be fixed, how much is it worth to sink into a four year old Dell Inspiron 2600? I really have no idea what to do.

Any suggestions?

Given that the thesis is coming due abominably soon, this does not please me. Nope. Not at all. Murphy, you are so toast when I catch you.

(Incidentally, this is the newest of the reasons why I haven't been reading all the gorgeous fic or ogling all the pretty pictures you've all been putting out. I haven't even seen last week's Supernatural yet. *sigh* I am cave-girl, hauling all her books and articles behind her for the next 18 days, until the Evil That Ate My Soul is turned in at the bio office. After graduation, though, I intend to go into a fandom-induced coma.)