April 9th, 2006

Tree Me

Fic Post: The Ratio of Burning, SG:A

No, I'm not dead. Really. Eventually, I'll get around to detailing all the wonders and terrors of the last week (lots of the latter, but ending in the former), but for now, I bring fic.


This is the one that ate my brain. Long, long ago, this was my very first adventure with Rodney and John. A few people said quite rightly, "What?! That's it? You just stop it there? No, no, missy. Get your ass back here and explain." The better part of a year later, I finally have an answer for them.


Fandom: SGA

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: The Lost Boys, Coup D’etat.

Feedback: Will be hugged like a puppy. Even if it bites.

Acknowlegements: Huge thanks goes to ignipes, 20thcenturyvole, and enname for betaing this beast. The readable bits in here are their doing. The ones that are less so are entirely mine.


Summary: It's a delicate balance.


Notes: So, this one should be subtitled ‘Rodney McKay and the Planet of the Pot Smokers’. That would give the unfair impression that it’s going to be silly and light-hearted, however, and this one is a little too dark for that. Not dark!fic (I don't think?), but sunshine and roses it ain’t. If you need further proof, look to the drabbly offshoot predecessor.

The title refers to an insurance term relating losses suffered to the amount of coverage in effect. For warnings, please see the end of Part I.


ETA: For the much prettier website version, use this link: (Burning more attractively)


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Tree Me

Things that rock.

Herein shall be a post about the things which really must be trumpeted for their coolness.

First up:

The marvelously talented fatuorum made this amazing cover for 'The Ratio of Burning'. I am revelling in its awesomeness and you should, too. Abominably pretty, it is. And yes, that is the sound of me bouncing around and squeeing. My story has a cover. My story has a perfect cover. Whee!

Belated bits:

Because the thesis world ate me for a bit there - and will again in the next couple weeks - I missed pointing you all to the ficlets 20thcenturyvole wrote upon request. There are two batches of them, and all are wonderful. I am, however, exceptionally partial to the two that she wrote for me, one about midsummer and the other about sensory deprivation. Go forth and read, and marvel at so much happening in so very few words.