March 10th, 2006

Sunny D

Happiness is...

I declare today to officially be a day off. I might go roaming through JSTOR later, but that will be the extent of my productivity. I'll be good tomorrow.

This is because it is gloriously beautiful here, and I can't bring myself to be anything but lazy in response. My window is open. Glee. It even threatens to thunderstorm occasionally.

So very moving somewhere that the temperature doesn't dip below 50.

I need to come up with something light and fun to write today. All the current works in progress are a little... dark for the day. Hmm. Either that, or I could write the happy resolve to the deeply painful one that's eaten my soul of late. Or play with the trippy one.

In almost-related news, I got my Back to Basics assignment, and it's definitely something I can do. I'm not quite sure what path I'm going to skip down, but there's a direction there. Cool.

Hope you all are having such nice days in your respective worlds.