February 27th, 2006

Tree Me

Because there needs to be something else around here...

In the interests of not wallowing, I declare that here shall be a new post. So let it be written, etc. (Two Yul movies in one, nonetheless.)

First of all, I need to say that I know some amazing people. I asked for help, and I got it, and I can't thank any of you enough. There's nothing new to report on that front, by the way. Still sorting options.

Back to the help: In particular, raucousraven sent me hugs and betad like a mad thing, and just generally was the sweetest person on the continent, as usual. the_moonmoth got in on the hug action, and tossed w's my way straight out of the blue, and volunteered to be a target for my future freak outs. That takes guts, and unparalleled kindness. Thank you both tremendously for being as absolutely wonderful as you are.

And though she will most likely never read this - being one of those practical people with no time for LJ - M. deserves huge thanks. She drags me on supply runs for popsicles and Caramel Sutra, and keeps my head above the water when I'm flailing. Though she doesn't know it, it means a lot.

And, feartheotter, who I haven't introduced hereabouts only because I'm the absentminded sort, and who I've paradoxically known forever and just met. (It's... yeah, don't ask. It will take longer to explain then any of you will likely want to spend). Just take it for granted that he is most awesome. Most especially so when he talks me down from the crazy for hours on end, and even makes me laugh in the bargain. He threatens to write fic, and actually has references for zombie info. Plus, he's my musical Yoda. You can't beat those qualifications.

Now that I'm done being verbally thankful, you will all be subjected to the ongoing saga of the Rodneyfish. Riv, if you're reading this, fear not. This is not an AU I'm planning. Just further proof that I should not be allowed purchasing power where critters are concerned.

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