Stillane (stillane) wrote,

Slightly delayed Insta!rec OR Mom, she's doing it again!

Hey *pokes you all*

Go check out raucousraven's latest Numb3rs bit here. No, don't ask me why. Just do it.

*twiddles thumbs*

*examines nails*

*talks to the Rodneyfish*

... are you still here? *sigh* Okay, then. The vital stats: it's brief, it's deep, and it's gen. It's a fantastic riff on a character much referenced and never seen, and once again she's managed to take one factoid and turn it just enough to catch a whole new spectrum of light. This time, she's set out to break your heart, and she will. Gently.

Plus, it's poetic as all getout. Convinced yet? Good. Now go read A la claire fontaine by raucousraven and tell her how soft and lovely it is.
Tags: numb3rs, recs
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